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Tile & Liner Cleaner - 2ltr

Tile & Liner Cleaner - 2ltr

Blue Horizons Tile & Liner Cleaner - Extra Thick (2ltr)

  • Effective against scale & staining
  • Helps to promote bacteria and algae free surfaces
  • Extra thick formula for easier cleaning
  • Fast acting liquid cleaner
  • Use to clean pool waterline

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Blue Horizons Tile & Liner Cleaner

Blue Horizons Extra Thick Tile & Liner Cleaner clings to brushes or sponges making it perfect for the removal of stains that need a little extra scrubbing. It easily loosens and removes scum lines, polishes grout and gets rid of dull film on all types of surfaces. 

Application Instructions:

1. Always test a small area of the pool surface to ensure compatibility before treating the whole pool. 

2. Wet the area to be treated using pool water. 

3. Apply Tile & Liner Cleaner using a cloth or sponge to the surface to be cleaned. 

4. Gently work Tile & Liner Cleaner onto the waterline to remove any staining. 

5. After cleaning area, rinse thoroughly using pool water.

IMPORTANT – Always wear rubber gloves when applying this product.

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