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EGO3 Filter - Option 5 (Top Loader)

EGO3 Filter - Option 5 (Top Loader)

The EGO3 Filter is a a new type of hot tub filter which filters the water more efficiently and is more reliable than traditional cartridge filters. A unique filtration system which reduces maintenance time and costs. This reusable product is much kinder on the environment by reducing plastic waste. Never throw away a filter again!

The patented EGO3 Filter is very simple to use and can easily replace your existing cartridge filter with no pipework modification required (which may invalidate the spa manufacturers warranty).

  • Fits most spas and hot tubs
  • Eco-friendly product
  • Simple to use
  • Improves water clarity

All EGO3 Filters are:

  • 14cm in diameter
  • 20cm tall (excluding the thread)
  • Includes a set of EGO3 filter balls
  • Option 5 suitable for top loader filters types

Click here to watch a video about the EGO3 Filter

More info

EGO³ HOT TUB FILTER - our solution for better spa water

The patented filter system consists of two main components. A reusable plastic filter body and washable filter material.

The filter body is made of chlorine and acid resistant synthetic material, long lasting and easy to clean. The see-through body has integrated finger holes in the filter cap which allows a quick and clean way to install and uninstall the cartridge, simultaneously the holes in the cap disperses the incoming waterflow on the filter material.

The EGO3 filter balls remove unwanted contamination particles down to 10 microns - much finer than standard cartridges which are typically 30-50 microns. Below the filter balls the Opti-Flow strainer ensures the optimal flow through the whole filter body.

The EGO3 Filter offers amazing advantages in comparison to conventional hot tub filters.

Manufactured in Austria. Developed in co-operation with the Medical University of Graz and the Technical University of Graz Nuremberg.

So how does the EGO3 filter work?

  1. The reusable filter body is filled with a spherical filter material EGO3 filter balls. These are made of recycled material. These special EGO3 filter balls have an enormous dirt binding capacity due to the large surface area.
  2. Screw the filter cartridge into your existing hot tub filter holder.
  3. The hot tub water flows from top to bottom through the EGO3 filter cartridge. The EGO3 filters vertically instead of horizontally unlike standard cartridge filters. This means all the dirt stays in the filter body when it is turned or pulled out and can no longer come loose.
  4. After a few weeks, the filter balls are checked and cleaned by simply washing the filter balls in water or chlorine-based solution depending on contamination.
  5. Once cleaned simply re-load the cartridge. Alternatively, you can simply change the balls with new thus reducing maintenance time even more.

Click here to watch a video showing how to clean your EGO3 Filter

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