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Palintest Domestic Comparator Test Kit (Chlorine/pH)

Palintest Domestic Comparator Test Kit (Chlorine/pH)


Each kit includes:

  • 20 x pH Test Tablets
  • 20 x Chlorine Test Tablets

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Palintest Domestic Comparator Test Kit (Chlorine/pH)

It is important to test your pool water because even if it looks unchanged, having the correct chemical balance is important in keeping your water safely sanitised. The PoolTester kit provides simple and easy testing for Chlorine and pH within your pool and tub water.

The tester includes two measuring chambers for you to fill with the pool or hot tub water then just add your rapid dissolving tablets to give accurate results quickly. The tablets will change the colour of the water to make it easy to compare to the colour chart on the tester so you know if you need to adjust your water chemistry.

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