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Yourspa Water Care Kit - Chlorine

Yourspa Water Care Kit - Chlorine

Our own award winning starter kit. The Yourspa Spa Starter Kit is great for transforming grimy spa water into a clean and sparkling environment.

The Yourspa Spa Starter Pack is a handy treatment kit providing the best hot tub chemicals to sanitise your water. This beginner friendly, chlorine hot tub treatment disinfects your spa and controls your pH levels to ensure the water is comfortable for your skin. This will also maintain safe bathing water within your spa.

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The YourSpa Starter Kit is recommended for all spas and above ground pools that require a chlorine hot tub treatment. It comes with easy-to-follow dosage instructions. Kit includes: Start up guide 500g Stabilised Chlorine Granules, 750g pH Minus, 500g pH Plus, 500ml FoamAway & 3 Way Test Strips.

Download the Yourspa Water Treatment Guide

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